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The Success and Challenges of ICT Utilization in Armenia

Armine Vahanyan, Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan (Armenia)


The paper touches upon the implementation of ICT tools in Armenian education centers, in particular, the utilization of Google Classroom in language courses at the Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU), the challenges that have been identified during this experiment.
The global digitization influenced all spheres of our life. And nowadays, education in Armenia has been gradually tailored due to this significant impact.
Armenia has recently stepped into the era of digital education. Yet in 2015 ARMAZEG report (“State of The Art Regarding E-Learning and ICT for Lifelong Learning”) stated that “E-learning as an official learning form cannot be considered as conventional in Armenia.” However, the issues specified in the very report have been considered, and certain steps have been taken in this respect. Thus, the ASPU after Kh. Abovyan was one of the pioneers in the country to acknowledge the necessity to embrace the digital turn by implementing Google Classroom initially as a pilot program (2015-2016) and then as a  mandatory component of all courses.
The contemporary European approach of student mobility and its major requirements of language and ICT competencies present substantial challenges for a vast number of students in Armenia.
The added value of Google Classroom is in the flexible management and pedagogical design of the education process. The platform turned to be quite efficient for language education, which had been manifested by many professionals too. The platform which was initially used for full-time education, recently, namely from the fall semester of 2018, was launched for distance education and extension department and in general, turned to be applicable and efficient.
However, the following issues have been identified:

1. Lack of relevant infrastructure and lack of ICT literacy.
2. Insufficient information mining and analytical skills at the students' end.
3. Legal issues in terms of copyright and plagiarism.

We think that exploration of the best practices of the European countries in terms of digital literacy initiatives will further help to fix and overcome the specified issues.

Keywords: ICT, education, e-learning, digitization, Google Classroom.

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