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Learning English through Drama – A Partnership Project

Rina Rachel Sondhi, British School of Orvieto / Scuola Media Luca Signorelli Orvieto (Italy)


A practical experience in Creating a Partnership with the local Middle school in Orvieto, Umbria and the British school of Orvieto. Students were exposed to a variety of Drama workshops to enhance their vocabulary. As a result, they were presented with 8 plays over a period of 8 weeks, with over 5000 key words and sentences in English written by the British school of Orvieto. The students took each play and performed all plays at the local theatre in Orvieto, Italy. A total of 200 students performed. The Project was a huge success.
The Partnership was developed through Teacher training sessions. The teachers observed lessons and carried out workshops as part of their teaching and learning process.
The Students were exposed to a variety of scripts written for them, around the theme of Sherlock Holmes. They were asked to learn all scripts to ensure a deep understanding of all vocabulary, sentence structures and tenses. The middle school students rehearsed the pronunciation of words through recordings and practice with native mother tongue English speakers.
The Plays became a huge part of the school community, students made constant references throughout the 8 weeks.
Songs were incorporated throughout the 8 weeks to also enhance the learning of English. The process was extremely successful. The enthusiasm of the whole school community prompted a performance at Teatro Mancinelli, as well as the creation of a film trailer.
The Partnership project is an example of excellent practice between The British school of Orvieto and the local Scuola Media in the town. It is an innovative project which needs to be celebrated and shared.

Keywords: School Partnership, Drama, learning English, creative teaching, Theatre, confidence.

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