Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 16

Accepted Abstracts

ICT Learning Advantages for English Language Learners

Nodira Mukhitdinova, Republican Graduate School of Business and Management (Uzbekistan)

Nasiba Valieva, Republican Graduate School of Business and Management (Uzbekistan)


Innovation should now be viewed as a necessary and positive change. Human activity weather it is industry, business or education needs for constant change and innovation to be sustainable. The general perception has been that they would increase levels of educational attainment by introducing changes in teaching and learning processes and strategies, adapting them to the needs of the individual student (Sunkel, 2006).Everything that is new today is getting obsolete tomorrow and becoming an old trend. Due to these changes, the demand for modern information and communication technologies is increasing day by day. In particular, the demand for these technologies is growing in the education system (in our case teaching foreign languages as a second language), and the interest of the humanity to information and communication technologies in the education system is increasing. In the period of intensive development of information technology, especially computer, the relevance of this topic is the comparison of traditional textbooks with new types of textbooks of the new generation, which are displayed on the computer monitor.
The development of mankind depends on inventions created in its history. The more significant the invention, the more it affects the development of society. During a relatively short period of development of oral based, written based and printed based didactic texts civilization has reached such horizons that are incomparable with achievements in dozens, and perhaps hundreds of thousands years of mankind development. Each of these didactic texts at the same time with its unique opportunities to reflect the thoughts of a person has a number of shortcomings too.
Now we have the opportunity to use the new big invention in the field of information technology - a computer, E-mail, Internet, etc. Thanks to computer technology, which provides with enormous speed the transfer of huge volumes of information from one point of the globe to any other, todays civilized humanity enters a new, information era.
Research shows that the text displayed on computer monitor is neither a written speech nor an oral means of communication but it involves interactive features of all types of didactic texts. It embraces both the features of oral means of communication and a written speech.
According to the results of conducted interviews toward learning English using available online resources were very positive. Moreover, this allowed them to work independently, without the teacher being involved. This result has been reinforced by the online use of the English language course that is useful for language learning and independent online learning resources as an additional component of the English language course.

Keywords: IT, computer, paradigmatic and syntagmatic nature of the text, written, oral speech and computer-based didactic texts.

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