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The Efficient Communication in Kindergartens (Organizations) Affects the Psycho-Social Development of the Children

Arlinda Ymeri, University of Scutari "Luigj Gurakuqi" (Albania)


To make this research study more meaningful, my was focused on kindergarten staff to evaluate their communication and the impact of these communicative abilities in the psycho-social development of children. The aim was to understand the main communication barriers at work and the level of psycho-socail development of pre-school children. I also discovered what strategies were commonly used to overcome the barriers or conflicts that arose as a cause of the workplace. As we will see below, it is significant and has a very strong connection between the variable of effective communication in the organization (kindergartens) and child developmental variables. The gender variable has no correlation with the communication in kindergartens and the development level of preschools. And there is no meaning between gender and developmental variables. The purpose of the study is to: Identify the advantages and discover the strategies that organizations use to overcome differences, conflict in the workplace and promote the psycho-social development of preschools. Kindergartens as a professional organization for the purpose of achieving a common objective have a human resource unit that cares about organizing and carrying out their work. Organizations (kindergartens) are a mix of people who need to understand each other and cooperate every day. Those who have good communication, do their job well are usually open-minded, curious, patient, and aware. These basic skills help in nurturing a friendly, personal and intuitive approach to organizing.

Keywords: Communication, psycho-social development, kindergartens, human resources, organization.

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