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Edition 17

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Sundanese, Arabic and English Phonology: Introducing a Classless Linguistic Learning

Dedi Sulaeman, Padjadjaran University (Indonesia)

Gugun Gunardi, Padjadjaran University (Indonesia)

Dian Indira, Padjadjaran University (Indonesia)

Elvi Citraresmana, Padjadjaran University (Indonesia)


The uniqueness of teaching phonology in English Literature, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati - located in Pasundan, West Java, Indonesia is the integration among sounds of native (Sundanese), daily prayer (Arabic) and foreign (English) as the main courses. These three sound systems are used frequently in daily activities in the campus. As time flies, the method of teaching adapts the condition of the era. The method of teaching gets  many changes; beginning from using chalk and blackboard, then board marker and white board, then using laptop, projector and screen then now transformed to the latest version: android.  When the lecture provides the materials in android, all students could easily access it anytime, anywhere. By doing so, the students can follow and attend the lecture fully without any reason of being absent or having other activities outside of the class. This teaching of phonology today is aided by today’s technology development. Besides having been completed all materials, videos and other multimedia, the lecturer and the students can develop other creative task in order to reach the peak of the learning goals.  In other words it could be said that the subject of this phonology serve the students digitally by using the apps provided at playstore to have the experience of the classless linguistic learning.

Keywords: Sundanese, Arabic, English, Sound System.

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[2] Nasution, Ahmad Sayuti Anshari, 2012, Fonetik dan Fonologi Al-Quran, Jakarta: Hamzah
[3] Jones, Daniel, 1928, An outline of English Phonetics, Oxford: Oxford University press

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