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Practical Considerations in Integrating the CEFR into a Syllabus

Androulla Athanasiou, Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)

Jack Burston, Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)


Considering the extensive content of the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) and the confusion of practitioners in implementing it in their syllabus, this presentation aims at providing some practical suggestions as to how to align performance objectives to their syllabus.  Initially, some theoretical background on the CEFR will be provided, giving examples of the CEFR objectives and what work has been carried out around this area.  Following the audience will be given the opportunity to think of their own context in an attempt to define the level of their courses and of their students. Moreover, they will be have to think of the material they use.  How representative are these of the level they claim to be?  Having done so, guidelines will be given as to how to align activities to CEFR objectives, as well as how material can be selected and/or developed through the use of the English Grammar Profile (EGP) and the English Vocabulary Profile (EVP), two recently released Cambridge University Press online databases.   

Keywords: CEFR, align, English Vocabulary Profile, English Grammar Profile, syllabus.

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