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Vitality of Learning through Phenomenological Communication of Experiences in Classroom Discussions

Mariel Cristobal Tapia, Pangasinan State University (Philippines)


The classroom offers exciting opportunities for students to make meaningful connections with the outside world from the comfort and protection of their school environment. The study, based on the constructivist paradigm, used a phenomenological strategy to explain the effectiveness of communicating real-life experiences in classroom discussions. The methodology utilized in the study included interviews with 10 faculty members from nine campuses of Pangasinan State University with 10 to 41 years of teaching experiences (one is a senior faculty). Data collected from interviews and the researcher’s field notes were compared to identify themes. The themes synthesized from the research results helped to answer the research questions. The study found that faculty members had their own styles in incorporating real-life situations in their discussions. This research discovered that without empirical connections, classroom meetings are lifeless. The faculty members considered that sharing actual experiences is effective in engaging their students to participate but is time-consuming when students give their practical contacts of facts or events. There are implications in the research findings. When discussions are connected to pragmatic situations, students’ responses are active, the classroom climate is welcoming and learning is collaborative. Recommendations based on the findings of the study include: faculty members need to set appreciable theme of discussions for every meeting; incorporate specific values for every class sessions; and allot stern time table of discussions.

Keywords: Phenomenological Communication, Real-Life Teaching, Meaningful Connections, Actual Experiences.

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