Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 16

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Online Learning and Intercomprehension: EuroComGerm

Maria Ulz, Université de Namur / NalTT (Belgium)

Katrin Herget, Universidade de Aveiro / CLLC (Portugal)


Intercomprehension can be one way to achieve multilingualism for EU citizens; it has various advantages (Doyé 2005). Teaching and learning intercomprehension through online learning combines well, given both enable autonomous learning and can be based on cognitivism (Anderson & Elloumi 2004; Meissner 2003). One intercomprehension method is EuroCom, a method of learning which uses similarities between related languages of the most important European language families to obtain higher learning efficiency. Its primary goal is the acquisition of receptive proficiency in as many languages of the same language family (the Romance, Slavic and EuroComGerm for the Germanic language family) as possible; nevertheless, the method is also capable of enabling receptive proficiency in only one target language. The method’s main learning principles are called the “Seven Sieves”, seven strategies enabling better use of the knowledge of previously learned languages in order to learn another (or more), related, language(s).

Keywords: intercomprehension, online learning, cognitivism, receptive multilingualism, EuroCom.

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