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Top Technology Tools for English Language Teaching and Learning

Saima Abedi, Beaconhouse School System (Pakistan)


In recent years, technology integration has been exponentially popular for language teaching and learning. The incorporation of technology reaches out the global learners in the form of virtual and blended classes, making language development plan well-thought-out and comprehensive. O’Hara et al. [1] also emphasize on the integration of technology in English language learning by stressing that, technology can now support students to “(a) [contextualize] authentic learning opportunities; (b) help students develop language and literacy skills as they make connections among text, images, video, sound and animation; and (c) encourage students to construct meaning and to make connections to their prior knowledge”. In this connection, I designed a free 5-week online course for Cambridge English Language teaching after completion of a MOOC ‘Transitioning to Teaching Language Online’ from the University of Minnesota, USA. This course which was conducted for the language teachers of my city served as an active research project. I investigated the technological tools that worked well with the entry-level tech teachers for carrying out interpretive and presentational activities. The content of the course was new to most of the teachers as they had never taught Cambridge English Language. Furthermore, many of them had never experienced learning asynchronously. The results of the study were encouraging and enlightening. This webinar aims to emphasize the impact of top technology tools that strengthen learners’ engagement and facilitate entry-level tech teachers. It will highlight the learning strategies that developed a suitable context for instruction through the incorporation of technological tools. Furthermore, the challenges that the e-learners (teachers) and instructor (I) faced during the course will be presented along with their possible solutions.

[1] O’Hara, S., Pritchard, R., Huang, C., & Pella, S. (2012). The teaching using technology studio: Innovative professional development to meet the needs of English learners. TESOL Journal, 4.2, 274-294.

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