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Developing Artistic and Scientific Creativity in the English Language Cassroom in Students Majoring in Humanities and STEM

Irina Belyakova, University of Tyumen (Russian Federation)

Marina Kecherukova, Industrial University of Tyumen (Russian Federation)


It is common knowledge that learning foreign languages develops memory, cognitive thinking, and mental flexibility. In recent decades, there has also been a general trend to include creative activities in textbooks on English as a foreign language. The 4C concept (communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking) considers creativity as a necessary condition for successful mastering of a foreign language. Neuroscientist A. Dietrich points out the absence of a universal definition of creativity due to the complexity of the notion. However, he differentiates between the artistic and scientific types of creativity as well as several modes of the creative process in the brain. We believe that students majoring in humanities need to practice artistic creativity and STEM students should be more interested in the scientific creativity. Thus, we designed a research study to examine the concept of creativity in detail and how it is utilized in EFL didactics. We conducted the figural Torrance tests to measure the level of creativity in students from the University of Tyumen and the Industrial University of Tyumen and suggest a series of exercises that could help students promote their artistic and scientific creativity in the English language classroom.

Keywords: creativity, EFL, Torrance test, humanities, STEM.

[1] A. Dietrich. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Creativity Psychonomic bulletin & review 2004. DOI:10.3758/bf03196731
[2] Ferrer, A., Staley, K.. Designing an EFL Reading Program to Promote Literacy Skills, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. The CATESOL Journal 28.1. 2016. 79-104.

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