Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 17

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Developmental Stages of Good Mentors: Comparison between Novice and Experienced Mentors

Yukari Kato, Tokyo Metropolitan University (Japan)


The present study focuses on mentor teachers’ awareness before and after supervisory experiences of mentees’ teacher portfolios for professional development. In the context of developing mentors’ communication skills and reviewing strategies through the course of a three-day intensive workshop, six consecutive meetings were conducted. The data of the discussions and reports among 11 mentors (three novice mentors, four experienced mentors, and four supervisory mentors) were recorded and analyzed by quantitative content analyses method using the Tiny Text-Mining tool (TTM). In collected textual data, 1,484 different types of words were found during mentors’ reflections on their consultations with their mentees. The analysis revealed the following three points: (1) distinctive words appeared on the reports of the experienced mentors who could explicitly reflect on and explain their difficulties and satisfaction as mentors; (2) novice mentors often confessed their worries and difficulties about their mentoring styles and communication skills; (3) regardless of their mentoring experiences, several mentors often mentioned mentees’ progress during teaching portfolio creation and consulted the mentoring process to discover the mentees’ educational philosophy.

Keywords: Faculty learning, Interdisciplinary collaboration, Quantitative research, Professional development.

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