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Edition 17

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Language as a Tool for Cultural Enhancement and Preservation: The Panacea for Nigeria without an Indigenous Official Language

Obioma Bibian Enwere, College of Education Akwanga (Nigeria)

Cecilia Abashi, College of Education Akwanga (Nigeria)


Every language carries with it the culture of its speakers, as an inseparable part. Where a language is a Mother-Tongue or a first language, it is both a medium of communication as well as a carrier of culture. But when a language functions purely as a foreign language, like English, it is just a medium of communication and no more. In the face of non-official indigenous Nigerian language used in business, education, government and administration, the question then is, wither the Nigerian culture that ought to go with its languages? The paper among other issues is an attempt at a review of some existing language policies in Nigeria vis-à-vis conflict of position between English Language and its implication on the portrayal of Nigerian culture.

Keywords: Indigenous official/Lingua Franca, Mother-Tongue, medium of communication, foreign language, cultural enhancement, preservation, panacea.

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