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A Simple Blueprint for Using Oculus Rift in the Language Learning Classroom

Dimitros Boglou, Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)


During the last three years, I, as the director of the Cyprus University of Technology’s Innovation Centre and a language lecturer and academic member of the Cyprus University of Technology’s Language Centre, have been experimenting with various Virtual Reality systems in order to enhance the language learning environment and make  the language learning experience more effective.  Even though this innovative technology has a lot of potential to transform and revolutionize our 21st century language learning classroom and the learning environment overall, Virtual Reality is surrounded by a complex technology that requires the user to have specialized knowledge of the hardware and the software that he or she is about to use. Lack of such knowledge can turn an exciting VR experience into a frustrating nightmare for the language lecturer. Furthermore, it will also fail to become an effective technological learning tool for the language learner. This lack of knowledge has discouraged many language instructors and instructors overall  to adapt VR as a learning tool in their courses [1]. Taking this issue into account, I decided to create a simple manual where all the technical and non-technical issues a lecturer might face when trying to set up and use an Oculus Rift VR system for a language learning class.  This paper focuses on all the simple errors and pitfalls that can be avoided prior to introducing and using the Oculus Rift VR system in a language learning classroom or course. It could also function as a simple blueprint for training language lecturers in order to use it effectively and stress-free.

Keywords: virtual reality, usage of technology.

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