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Green Week: A Full Immersion Language Program Focused on our Environment

Deana Bardetti, Lesley University (United States)

Elizabeth Heather Mugan, The World is Your Oyster (T.W.Y.O) Language Centre, Bologna, Italy (Italy)


Learn about a residential learning experience for students of all ages. TESOL experts Elizabeth Heather Muggan, from London, UK, and Deana Bardetti, from Boston, USA, with the support of, have joined forces to create a unique languege program. Students of all ages and proficiency levels come together in the suburbs of Bologna, Italy for a week-long experience. Dr. Bardetti, on the faculty of Lesley University in Cambridge, Ma, provides courses for English teachers. Ms. Muggan, owner of The World is Your Oyster (T.W.Y.O) language centre in Bologna, uses her local connections to gather a team of instructors to lead small group lessons on the environment, nutrition, movement, and art.
The pilot project will begin this year and the presenters are hoping to connect with other language professionals at PIXEL who either a) work in similar learning environments or b) want to learn more about the Green Week English Learning Program in Bologna.
A lesson planning template will be shared with the participans along with promotional material from the program. Although CLIL, content based language instruction, is the overall concept of our lesson plans, we strive to engage students in interactive experiences, such as hiking, exercise, singing, and so on, so that language learning occurs in a natural way. The major focus of the lessons are on communication, as we've listened to numerous student requests to increase their competency in speaking with and listening to English speakers.

Keywords: experiential learning, lesson planning, curriculum, learning methods.

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