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Teachers’ Attitudes towards Theatrical Laboratories and Experiential Learning: Lithuanian Case

Giedre Straksiene, Klaipeda University (Lithuania)


This article reports the general findings of a survey study designed to extend knowledge about secondary school teacher attitudes and experience toward the Theatrical Laboratories implemented in the project OFF-BOOK (Erasmus+ programme) in non-formal education. Teachers use Theatrical Laboratories as pedagogical methods to create a better understanding and environment in classrooms, thus enhancing teachers' capacity to involve and motivate students in their learning processes actively. Specifically, the study examined extension to which and how secondary school teachers apply the methods of Theatrical Laboratories, in which manner, what results they noticed, and what problems arise. The participants included 19 teachers from 7 secondary schools in Klaipeda (Lithuania), voluntarily completed the diary and participated at the focus group discussions. The data was collected and analysed using qualitative diary research design and focus group discussion. The results suggested that in general teachers have positive attitude toward Theatrical Laboratories as pedagogical instruments. Teachers who reported less experience in drama teaching was found to hold more positive attitude toward Theatrical Laboratories. Teachers who already have positive attitudes towards students with special need may be predisposed to seek out additional experiential education practices and be more willing to be use theatre/drama methods.

Keywords: Theatrical Laboratories, experiential learning/teaching, teachers’ attitude, method, students.

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