Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 17

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Digital Language Learning Challenges in the Context of Inclusion

Saule Juzeleniene, Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Rita Baranauskiene, Vilnius University (Lithuania)


The increasing alterations in the social structure of the modern European societies due to the migratory flows that arise as a consequence of the destabilization of the political and economic systems from the West to the East are currently creating new forms of multi-faceted cultural and ethnic identities, as well as new forms of migration. Hence, the latest developments have led de facto to the creation of multicultural and multilingual conditions within European contexts. This research proceeds to summarise the main findings, citing general trends in the landscape of FDLL (free digital language learning)  initiatives for migrants/refugees. This includes citing and describing key features of FDLL initiatives that were noted particularly for their role in determining the efficiency and/or effectiveness for migrant/refugee inclusion and integration. These features ranged from specific language and culture related models of FDLL initiatives to the extent to which they focus on recognition of learning and on communication and outreach to target groups. The research characterizes current FDLL initiatives by their approaches, including type of design (purely online resource, for example).

Keywords: Language learining, free digital language learning tools, inclusion, migration.

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