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Rendering Representations of Women in Printed Advertisements

Saule Juzeleniene, Kaunas University (Lithuania)


The aim of this research is to explore the translation of stereotyped female representations in printed advertisements. It has been assumed that stereotyped representations are expressed emloyning multimodal metaphors as instruments. The research also aims to reveal  the role of translators as social agents in the context of gender-related issues in printed advertising.  The research is planned to consist of an introduction to the topic, where theoretical framework, related to conceptual and multimodal metaphors and stereotyped representations will be presented as well as a description of the methodology applied will be provided. In the findings of the research section  some case studies  will be presented and, finally, considerations and  implications for the discipline of Translation Studies will be revealed. The diversity of the types of women represented in ads is problematic. The images we use and the stories we tell about women in the narratives of advertisements, impacts not only the way the world values women, but also the way women see themselves. Therefore it may be assumed, that the reality, reflected by advertising becomes a socially constructed one. However,  in spite of the latter, advertising  still has a huge impact on its audience, by shaping societies and creating values and ideologies. Recent studies in the field seem to present a different picture that challenges the presentation of female stereotypical images in printed advertisements. According to some scholars note, that gender stereotyping is one of the main issues in advertising as it is seen as a valuable persuasive tool.

Keywords: Identity, Advertisement, Media.

[1] Cutler, B. D., Javalgi, R.G., & Lee, D. (1995). The portrayal of people in magazine advertisements: The United States and Korea.
Journal of International Consumer Marketing,8(2)45–55
[2] Sharma Arpita, 2012, Portrayal of Women in Mass Media, International Research Journal in Communication and Mass Media.


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