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Family Video Language Teaching: Engaging Children in Educational Process - Saving Kids from Screens

Ekaterina Gruzova, Russian School Kalinka in Luxembourg (Luxembourg)


In today's world, the modern brain is accustomed to vivid pictures and speed in everything. We need everything now and immediately. This is reflected in all social media we are all already tangled up in. Even though language learning via classical ways is also effective, it has fallen out of favour due to its relatively slow pace. Video is one of the most effective tools for conveying information, and can also be used to master a language. The new Rainbow Russian project has set itself precisely this goal. It is also the first Russian language course filmed in a family environment. Involving children in the teaching process has not only increased their interest in their own mother tongue, but has also further stimulateed their creativity. As such, they have emboldened to find new theatrical solutions and scenarios to show a particular grammatical construction. In addition, working together with their mother has allowed the eldest son to feel important by being involved in an interesting cause and feel respected by his parents. The language presentation in the video course focuses on demonstrating the application of a particular language construct as well as the different ways in which it can be used. Theatrical acting, gestures and intonation are all components which are concentrated in the «Rainbow Russian» project. The grammar schemes focus on conveying information through rtythm of language and frequent repetition, for example, of the same endings for ordinal numbers in the genitive case. The Russian Language has its own, intricate style of delivery. This plays directly not only on the intonation, but also on the almost subconscious rythmic melody of the language. With Rainbow Russian, pronouncation, intonation and rythm of speech will enable you to deliver perfectly, breezing through unfamiliar wording without hesitation. You might even get an earworm!

Keywords: Russian Video course, family teaching.

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