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Beyond Grammar and Spelling: Supporting the Writing Process with Artificial Intelligence Tools

Victoria Eibinger, University of Graz (Austria)

Ulla Fürstenberg, University of Graz (Austria)


Language learners today have access to a variety of free digital tools that can help them with their writing, but they cannot exploit the full potential of these tools unless they are taught how to do so effectively. In our presentation, we will share insights from a project we carried out to explore how AI-based tools can be integrated into teaching writing to students of English at university level. The students who participated in the project (n=66) received peer feedback on one of their writing assignments and then revised it with the help of the free version of Grammarly® before submitting their work to their teacher. Once their assignments had been returned to them with their teacher’s comments, the students completed a questionnaire on their experiences with the tool. In our presentation, we will show examples from the students’ texts that illustrate the potential advantages and pitfalls of using AI-based tools for revising student writing. We will also discuss the implications of these tools for the teacher’s role in the writing process and highlight the importance of training learners to use them efficiently.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools, Process Writing, Learner Training, Teacher Role. 

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