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Integrating Universal Human Values in English As a Foreign

Roweida Saleh, Faculty of Pedagogy, Lebanese University (Lebanon)


This action research addressed the issue of integrating universal human values in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instruction in a vocational institute in Lebanon with year two Technical Baccalaureate (BT2) students. The participants were 5 female students and 2 male students whose ages ranged between 17 and 19. This research integrated universal human values in EFL instruction by adopting critical approaches (Ibrahim’s 2015 Critical Literacy Model) and a variation of implicit and explicit instruction. The interest of this research was to investigate the changes in meanings that participants associate to universal human values. It also explored the
participants’ attitudes towards this integration through the use of explicit and implicit instruction. Therefore, the process of interaction that the students had inside the classroom was attentively observed, journal entries were used to collect data which was later analyzed. The results suggested that the integration of the universal human values of honesty, empathy, tolerance, and equity in EFL instruction had various positive aspects on the students’ EFL learning development on one hand and their personal development on the other. The students’ interest in the EFL class and their
oral interaction increased noticeably. In addition, their writing skills and use of vocabulary also improved. The study showed that the students changed the meanings they associate to the four universal human values they explored and that they had positive attitudes towards this integration and the methods used. In addition to that a fourth theme emerged that through this integration trust has been built among the learners themselves as a group as well as with their teacher.

Keywords: Universal Human Values, Critical Literacy, Implicit Instruction, Explicit Instruction.


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