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Development of ESP Learners’ Language Communicative Competence through Project-Based Instruction

Naira Poghosyan, Brusov State University (Armenia)


This article presents the findings of a research study on developing learners’ language communicative competence through project work in an English for Specific Purposes class. The study was conducted at National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia with construction engineering undergraduates. The purpose of the study was to observe the role of project work on the development of ESP learners’ language communicative competence through cooperative work. The idea behind the project was to foster learners’ subject-specific language knowledge through application of cooperative work, allowing each student to be responsible for specific tasks and, in general to take charge of his/her own learning process. This study revealed that developing language knowledge through project work implies not only willingness to take control of learning (learner autonomy), but also necessity to provide students with opportunities to exercise their leadership qualities and organizational skills. The results showed that ESP learners’ professional language communicative competence could be developed by means of mutual support in cooperative work in order to achieve common tasks. Students also displayed self-regulation in regard to facing failures trough learning strategies. Furthermore, this study showed how intrinsic motivation implies the desire for accomplishment and knowledge to fulfill a learning goal.

Keywords: ESP course, project-based learning, cooperative work, autonomy.



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