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International Student Mobility at Kazan Federal University: The Importance of Language Preparation

Albina Zamalieva, Kazan Federal University (Russian Federation)


The article is devoted to the study of the experiences of the students at Kazan Federal University (KFU) participating in different exchange programs abroad. Although there are extensive studies on incoming student mobility and the importance of languages, few studies have been conducted on outgoing student mobility and the language impact. The survey was held among 61 students of KFU who participated in exchange programs abroad. The survey results were analyzed to see the destination country of respondents, their language level prior to departure, the difficulties during their study abroad, the program’s language, etc. The analysis of results shows that despite a good command of the language prior to departure, the students experienced some difficulties in understanding lectures and speaking in their host countries. Therefore, specific language programs are recommended to be introduced. These programs will provide students with the academic mobility-related language skills and awareness of different culture needed to be confident and successful studying abroad. Further research is needed to introduce these programs to see their efficacy in improvement students’ language skills.

Keywords: language teaching, academic mobility, higher education.


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