Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 17

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Post COVID-19 Teaching Strategies for Second Language Acquisition

Donna Chambers, Penn State Berks (United States)

Belén Rodríguez Mourelo, Penn State Berks (United States)


The Covid-19 pandemic necessitated unprecedented and immediate changes in teaching strategies when the traditional face-to-face teaching format was suddenly replaced with remote teaching. This paper presents the common strategies employed to transition to remote learning in March 2020 and reflects upon the lessons learned as a result of new teaching modalities, both synchronous and asynchronous, implemented during the fall of 2020 and spring 2021; the impact they had on second language acquisition; and the organization of the foreign language classroom. Our goal is to describe the learning-centered approach of our Foreign Language Program at Penn State Berks, which includes Arabic, German, French, and Spanish. Based on the experience of our Spanish Program in particular, this paper discusses not only the strategies used to engage students remotely, but how they can be applied to in-person classes in the future, how our innovative approach resulted in higher enrollments, and how these changes can enhance teaching and learning. Thus, our discussion will specifically describe some components of the foreign language classroom such as one-on-one weekly conversations in the target language, writing and composition requirements, and dialogue on demand. In addition, we will describe the creation of asynchronous materials and tutorials to support the learning process, the integration of these materials during the semester, and the feedback received from students and peers.

Keywords: Language Teaching Strategies, Engagement, Blended Learning.


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