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A Study of Rural Primary School Students' Attitude towards English Language Learning in Malaysia

Nurul Huda Binti Hamzah, Universiti Malaya (Malaysia)

Mohana Vilashiny d/o Murugesu, Universiti Malaya (Malaysia)


Successful language acquisition is often related to having good attitude and motivation towards the language.  As a second language, Malaysians acquire English language from the age of four when they start their preschool. Nevertheless, irrespective of learning the English Language in primary school for six years (until Year 6), many Malaysians are still not fluent in speaking English and struggle to be fluent and proficient in English. This present study investigates the attitude of the Year 6 students in English Language learning and how it affects their language acquisition and proficiency in a rural school in Klang, Selangor. The results of this study indicate that attitude plays a vital role in language acquisition. This study also reveals that despite having a positive attitude towards language learning and being aware alone is not insufficient in language learning. Resolution for learners at such could transpire through strategy-based teaching and learning. Support system such as parents, peers and teachers as the support system also plays a role in helping these students to learn the language. This study's findings will help identify appropriate teaching strategies that can be used to teach the students from rural schools and create awareness of their overall teaching needs.

Keywords: attitude, teaching strategies, rural school.

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