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The Use of K-pop in Teaching Korean Language

Narae Jung, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)


As K-pop(Korean popular music) gains global popularity, a growing number of students want to learn Korean as a foreign language. K-pop is their major motivation in learning Korean, but it can be a great tool to learn Korean. The purpose of this study is to show how K-pop can be used in a beginning level of Korean class and how students perceive it. Several research studies have shown that using songs in a foreign language class has positive effects on vocabulary acquisition (Metaxa, 2016), text recall (Salcedo, 2010) and lowering the anxiety level (Dolean, 2016). However, it is not easy for educators to choose the right song and prepare the lesson. This paper provides the list of K-pop related to the basic grammar and gives teaching guides how to use them. The survey was conducted after a semester of Korean course with K-pop at the university in Singapore. The result shows that the use of K-pop is effective in engaging students, reinforcing concepts, and linking the grammar elements to actual use. It was also found that K-pop helps students remember the expressions better and improve their listening skills. Based on these findings, this paper put forward a suggestion on how to keep up with the changing trends of K-pop as a teaching aid.

Keywords: K-pop, songs, language, Teaching Korean, language learning


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