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Increasing Students’ Motivation in Learning Listening through Blended-learning Integration at People’s Security University

Lam Nguyen Thi, People’s Security University (Viet Nam)


In the rapid technological development period, blended-learning paradigm application has played an indispensable part to uphold the learner-centred role to the fullest extent. What is more, implementing such an effective innovative learning approach helps students motivate to learn English in general and to learn listening in particular. The case study aims to explore how to integrate Ted-Talks website into teaching and learning listening. Moreover, students’ perceptions on such a kind of this website to improve their listening comprehension. The first instrument tool is observation which was conducted to observe how Ted Talks was used in one class at People’s Security University. Later, more than 30 third-year students of this class participated to share their responses for the Likert-scale questionnaire and 8 out of them were invited to provide insightful information for the semi-structure interview queries conveniently. The research paper, therefore, is a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. The results from the observation showed that the teacher used Ted Talk videos to teach to their students in English lessons. Besides, more extra tasks were distributed to students in order to assist them to understand videos’ contents more completely. The analysed data from the questionnaire pointed out that students agreed with using Ted Talks in supporting them to gain better listening comprehension and develop their listening competence. Additionally, students gave more detailed responses which was about the abundant and various topics of the videos on Ted Talks platform. Furthermore, they reported that these authentic videos help them increase motivation in learning listening, especially in their reviewing time. They can both gain hands-on knowledge and improve their listening ability as well. In conclusion, students obtain a lot of great benefits from the blended-learning integration.

Keywords: Blended-learning integration, listening, motivation 


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