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Insights into the Perceptions of University Students about Remote Learning during the COVID Pandemic at the University of West Bohemia: A Case Study

Jaroslava Presslová, University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Tereza Havránková, University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Arniel Habac, University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)


In the onset of the pandemic that has brought many changes affecting different facets of human lives, the education sector is one of the many institutions that needed to quickly adapt to remote teaching modalities and learning platforms. This paper reports the findings about the perceptions of university students at UWB about online learning during the academic year 2021/21. During the pandemic, teachers were forced to shift to online teaching and adjust their approach and course content accordingly. For this reason, teachers grappled with this transition at the very beginning, but soon after they needed to make adjustments to their approach to teaching in order to deliver effective teaching methods. This article focuses on this transition and aims to analyze the level of satisfaction of university students with online learning. First, the authors will collect both qualitative and quantitative data regarding the students’ experiences and perceptions on virtual learning from the winter and summer semesters in the academic year covering the period of 2020/21. The results will then be critically evaluated and will be used to propose future curricular programs for both synchronous and asynchronous teaching at UWB.

Keywords: Online learning, remote learning, remote teaching, online learning, experience, higher education.


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