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The Use of Digitalized Dictionaries in ESL: A Comparative Study between Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionaries and the Innovation in Dictionaries

Ekaterina Strati, University of Durres (Albania)

Ergys Bezhani, University of Tirana (Albania)


This article is a qualitative study on the use and efficiency of bilingual dictionaries in English language learning. It aims at comparing monolingual to bilingual dictionaries by highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each of this type dictionaries. Furthermore, we will focus on the advantages of using digital dictionaries which are a contemporary tool in both translation and digital leaning. Computerized dictionaries are already widely used since they are designed to facilitate the work of different users in order to better manage the time of finding a word and increase the likelihood of finding as many relevant equivalents as possible. Initially these dictionaries did not differ from each other and they were included in the same category. In fact, they were widely referred to as computer dictionaries. However, over time they were not only used in computers but also in other electronic devices launched on the market after a few years. If we refer to their development, we will see that in their beginnings online dictionaries had no purpose of financial profit. This means that companies that have already invested heavily in this sector have not yet realized their importance. The lexicographic units of such dictionaries were enriched by any person who wished to share his contribution voluntarily. Last but not least, we will analyze the type of dictionaries, their pros and cons and the latest developments in digital dictionaries.


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