Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 17

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Steering Directions

Abeer Ali Okaz, Pharos University in Alexandria (Egypt)


During remote teaching, most teachers felt outside their comfort zone and sought continuous support and empathy. Many undergraduate students were lost and felt they could not acquire their L2 remotely. As a result, they rarely attended classes and even when they attended, they were not participating fully. Managing, planning and teaching at higher Ed. is quite different from schools. Thus, the university’s English Language Centre educational team has tried several scenarios to adapt to the current situation. Now, and after almost a year and a half now, it seems going back 100% to f2f teaching will not be happening soon. Blended learning is here to stay. For these reasons, PUA team felt it is time to rethink how they: communicate together, teach, engage with students, and evaluate teaching and learning. This presentation will briefly highlight the challenges PUA education team faced but will mainly focus on the strategies and approaches used to help sustain the rapid changes in higher Ed and steer the wheel towards more engagement, creativity and inclusion.

Keywords: challenges, creativity, engagement, higher education, rethink.


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