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The Influence of Context on the Development of Vocabulary in English

Bushra Ni’ma Rashid, Baghdad University - College of Education Ibn Rushd for Human Sciences - English Department (Iraq)

Bushra Saadoon Mohammed Alnoori, University of Baghdad (Iraq)


This study emphasizes that vocabulary is different from one context to another. This means that the meaning of the vocabulary is also different depending on the context itself .

This study tries to explain how the meaning of the  vocabulary varies from one context to another. Depending on this idea , the researcher's aim for this paper is to show how the meaning of the vocabulary differs from one context to another depending on some ideas taken from some linguists who explain the relation between context and vocabulary.

The study hypothesizes that some of the students are able to recognize the meaning of the vocabulary in a way differs from recognizing it when it is used within the text or context. Concerning the procedure of this study, the researcher is going to shed light on the idea of cotext based on different linguists ,then, she is going to explain the context with relation to  a situation and how it is differed from one situation to another . And then the researcher selects some of the conversation from BBC program and selects some of the students from the department of English and asks them to show how the meaning of the vocabulary differs when it is used with or without  the context. The researcher reaches to the results required  depending on the answers taken from those students.

Keywords:  vocabulary, context, cotext, conversation, BBC program

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