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A Pathway to Implement AL-TST Model in Hybrid Classroom

Mahmoud Mohamed Hussien Ahmed, Educational Technology Department, South Valley University, Egypt (Egypt)

Hiroshi Ueda, 1Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies, Hosei University (Japan)

Mohammad Nehal Hasnine, Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies, Hosei University (Japan)


In the traditional classroom, active learning is known to be a learner-centric instructional approach where constructive knowledge, discussion, role play, collaborative problem-solving activities, and self-assessment are commonly used to engage students with the students-centered course materials. Hybrid classroom is a mixed approach between the physical conventional classroom space for practicing real-time face-to-face learning activities among teachers, students, and learning materials; and the digital learning space for practicing synchronous and asynchronous e-learning activities [1]. However, due to the interruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, conventional active learning models may not fit in the hybrid classroom where remote learning tools and various learning technologies are used. For this, the authors introduced a new active learning model for a hybrid classroom named AL-TST (Active Learning-Theory, Strategy, Technology) based on constructivism learning theory [1]. The model is designed for practicing active learning in and out class. In this regard, the authors mapped prominent learning technologies that could fit in adopting various active learning strategies in the context of the hybrid classroom [2]. In this paper, the authors provide a guideline for the instructors who wish to implement the AL-TST model in delivering courses in the hybrid classroom. In addition, this paper guideline on adopting the AL-TST model delivering a Multimedia Production course designed for 4th-grade students. Moreover, this paper discusses some potential challenges that the instructors could face while using the model. 

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