Innovation in Language Learning

Edition 17

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Language Learner Advising. Current Developments and Adaptations at the University of Pisa

Luisa Panichi, University of Pisa (Italy)


Language learner advising is an established field of language teacher practice within university language education [1] [2] and language learning and teaching research [3]. The literature in the field has provided examples of such practice in a variety of contexts and with reference to different methods, adaptations and tools [4] [5]. This paper will attempt to portray language learner advising current practice at the University of Pisa within two specific contexts: 1) compulsory language units within the Bachelor and Master Degree courses and 2) elective language courses run by the University Language Centre. Learner advising practices will be discussed both as individual advising sessions within self-access/study programmes and as advising for students enrolled in classroom-based teaching courses. This paper will discuss the learner advising practices currently in place in relation to ongoing research and best practice in the field in attempt to identify key issues in terms of quality of experience for the learner and for advisers. Examples will be taken primarily from English as a Foreign/Second language context but reference will also be made to the teaching of other languages with the specific university context. A discussion of how advising practices were adapted and used during the Covid-19 pandemic will also be provided.

Keywords: Language learner advising, practice, research, pandemic.


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