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Selecting CLIL Materials at University through Investigation of Language Variety Preferences and their Causes among Students

Zuzana Součková, Assistant professornInstitute of British and American StudiesnFaculty of Arts nUniversity of Prešov in Prešov (Slovakia)


Investigating CLIL is a continuing concern within the field of English language teaching. Central to this approach is the concept of integrating both content and language in the learning process. Application of the approach to various learning environments has been studied by many scholars. However, recent developments in new technologies have heightened the need for reconsideration of CLIL materials while taking into account current trends in teaching and learning languages. What is not yet clear is the impact of different factors that (have) shape(d) the language of  (university) students. This may indicate the importance of understanding the English variety preferences among students and their causes. Therefore, this paper attempts to show that the investigation of these factors may serve as a guide towards selecting appropriate CLIL materials which could be also used with university students when teaching culture, history, media, etc. The aim of the study is to shine new light on this topic from a different perspective. The study was conducted using a quantitative research method, with data being gathered via a survey on a sample of 2nd year students of the English language and literature (in combination). The study seeks to contribute to this growing area of research by exploring the selection process of CLIL materials while taking into consideration students' language variety preferences and causes of those preferences.

Keywords: CLIL, higher education, language variety, students.

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