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Leveraging Coaching and Psychological Methods for Adult Learners Facing Psychological Obstacles

Anna Bakova, Language Coaching School (Czech Republic)


What happens often, adult learners can have the best learning strategies and tools, but still do not have a lot of progress in a language. For example, a student can’t memorize even several words or phrases a day, even if he or she is applying great mnemonics. The reason is that many adult learners face psychological obstacles when they are learning a language. Some blocks on subconscious or conscious level prevent them from moving forward in a language. A negative attitude to the language or its culture, which is very often subconscious, is one of the examples. Fears and negative beliefs about the language or about personal abilities continue the list of the barriers. It is very important to identify these obstacles and work them out harmless and effective way. As the result learners not only achieves their language goals but also improve their total well-being, get better results in other areas of their life. From my experience of working as a coach with language learners facing difficulties, forming “learner-supportive” psychology means 80% of success. The best actions and tools mean 20% of success. For more than 3 years I have been supporting students in reaching their language goals through coaching method. I have also trained 60 teachers to coaching communication and coaching methodology who now leverage this powerful method and their students get faster results as well. Additionally, I have been collaborating with psychologists specializing in helping language learners. Together we have worked outstanding methods to deal with fear, shame and other emotions which block students. I would like to share the essence of these methods and present case studies when students progress in a language increased tremendously.

Keywords: Fears, negative beliefs, coaching, case studies

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