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Sonia D Apolito

Institution: University of Salento, Centro di Ricerca Interdisciplinare sul Linguaggio (CRIL)

Address: Via Pio La Torre, 44

Postal Code: 72021

Country: Italy

Sonia d’Apolito graduated in Modern Euro-American Foreign Languages at the University of Salento in 2007, with a thesis titled “Coarticulation: an acoustic, articulatory and perceptual study on French sibilant sequences produced by Italian learners”. In 2012 she received her PhD in “Linguistics, Historical-Literary and Intercultural studies” - Experimental Phonetics - at the University of Salento - Centro Interdisciplinare sul Linguaggio (CRIL) presenting a dissertation titled “Coarticulation: an acoustic, perceptual and articulatory study on French sibilant sequences produced by Italian learners” supervisor Barbara Gili Fivela. During her Phd, she studied the articulatory strategies realized by Italian leaners of French L2 during the production of non-native consonant clusters. She conducted an acoustic-articulatory study, by means of electromagnetic articulography, in order to observe the coarticulatory strategy and processes, such as assimilation, segment deletion and vowel insertion.
From July 2015 to June 2016 she was a research fellow at the University of Salento – CRIL. She focused on an acoustic-articulatory study concerning both the segmental and suprasegmental level in order to observe the alignment between oral and tonal gestures. Moreover, she was a member of a research team at CRIL focusing on second language learning using Ultrasound as visual feedback in order to improve the pronunciation of non-native sounds. In particular, the research focuses on some English vowel contrasts produced and perceived by adult Italian learners.
The main results of these studies have been presented at national and international conference and are being published in specialized reviews.
She is member of Associazione Italiana Scienze della Voce (AISV).

Areas of expertise: Second language learning, articulatory data, Ultrasound, Electromagnetic Articulography, Articulatory Phonology, articulatory training, coarticulation, phonological/phonetic processes, phonetics, phonology.

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