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Lizandro Becerra Valderrama

Institution: LIDILEM Laboratory - Grenoble Alpes University

Address: B√Ętiment Stendhal - CS40700

Postal Code: 38058

Country: France

Lizandro Becerra Valderrama is a teacher of Spanish language in secondary schools in France (students aged 12 to 15). At the same time, he is a part-time PhD student in Language Sciences at the Laboratory of Linguistics and Teaching of Mother and Foreign Languages (LIDILEM) of the University of Grenoble-Alpes.

Lizandro under graduated in Foreign Language Learning from the Technological and Pedagogical University of Colombia in 2009. Then, he graduated in Foreign Language Didactics from the university of Nantes France in 2012. Since then, for 6 years, he has constantly been working as a teacher of Spanish language in secondary schools in France.

Lizandro has focused his studies in particular on the areas of education, language learning, learning games, research and development of didactic systems. He has participated of the designing of some serious games. He is also designing and developing a didactic tool using the learning game for language learning purposes as part of his PhD work.

Areas of expertise: spanish language learning, foreing language learning, serious games, learning games, education, edutainment scenarios.

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