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Shao-wei Huang

Institution: University at Buffalo SUNY

Address: 148A Charter Oaks Dr

Postal Code: 14228

Country: United States

Shao-wei Huang is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of English at University at Buffalo (UB), where he is teaching Writing Center Theory and Practice and Writing and Rhetoric.

Shao-wei obtained his PhD in English at UB in 2021. Working as a Graduate Assistant and Writing consultant during his years at UB, he helped with the preparation for the workshop and the mentoring of undergraduate-level consultants. He also worked as the instructor and tutor of the English composition class.

His dissertation The Intersection of the Aesthetic and the Epistemological: on the imaginative experience of reading Walpole, Sterne and Swift looks into the disruptive narratives of the early Gothic and digressive satires in the eighteenth-century Britain. His work helps readers shed a new light on the idea of reason in reading literary works conventionally regarded as the irrational. Arguing the reader is charged with the responsibility to make sense out of the alternative experience in open forms such as these texts, he takes great interest in correlating the view to the vantage point on writing as a social action. While being aware of the limits of functions of genres, writing as social action requires the learner’s “writerly” awareness in order to actively produce affective writing without submitting too much to external criteria of “correctness” that restrains her voice.

Shao-wei is now working on an essay where he correlates his reading of The Castle of Otranto, the first Gothic fiction in Britain, to writing studies. Examining the modes of communication in the novella, Shao-wei aims to shift the critical focus away from the objects in the novella that have dominated the scholarship on Horace Walpole’s classic Gothic by introducing the epistemological perspective of writing studies into the reading.

Research Interests: 18th-century British literature, Gothic fictions, translingualism, genre study

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