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claudia grümpel

Institution: University of Alicante

Country: Spain

Dr. Claudia Grümpel is Professor, Senior Lecturer (Profesor Titular de Universidad) of the Modern Language Department of the University of Alicante. Her research and teaching activities focus on Language Acquisition, Multilingualism and German as a foreign Language.
She holds a PhD in Linguistics and Language Acquisition by the University of Complutense Madrid (Spain) and the Institute of Ortega y Gasset in Madrid (Spain) and graduated in Modern Languages, Translation Studies in the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and furthered studies in France (Université Aix-Marseille), Spain (Universidad Complutense) and USA (Santa Monica College, California).
She has carried out field studies on language acquisition and started in 2011 the L3-Task Project at the University of Alicante. Since 2013 she is main researcher and manager (P2) of the European Life-Long-Learning-Project L3-TASK at the University of Alicante (P2), promoted and co-financed by the European Commission; Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency for the Period 2013 to 2016 (Ref. 543237-LLP-1-20133-1-AT-KA2-KA2MP; Third Language Learning TAndem-Skype/"L3-Task").
The L3-TASK project focuses on three languages that are often learnt as third languages: German, Spanish and Chinese. Starting with the results obtained from a prior pilot-project born from a collaboration between the universities of Vienna (Austria) and Alicante (Spain), the L3-TASK-project set up partners in tandem and carry out experimental observations about how these partnerships are working. Partnerships are formed by students from diverse universities (Vienna, Alicante, Jena in Germany, Barcelona in Spain) including also China.
On this subject of L3-Task, she recently published "L3-TASK: Language Acquisition in a multilingual context: Blended Tandems, L3-German/Spanish and a common Second Language (English)"in RESLA, John Benjamins, 2014; and "L3-Task. Language Education by oral and visual interaction through the use of online desktop videoconferencing tools. An approach on Third Language Acquisition" in Linguistic Insights: Studies on Languages, 2014. On the subject of language acquisition she published “La adquisición del alemán en un contexto universitario”, Comares: Granada, 2009 and several articles as for example: "Satzklammer: Verbsynthese und Nominalklammer. Dekodierungsprozess und Merkmalkodierung." Peter Lang. 2013; "Spracherwerb L2 - Affekte, Gefühle und Motivationen bei der Wissenskonstruktion kognitiver

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