New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 12

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A workable mechanism to support students who are at risk

Mohamed Chabi, Qatar University (Qatar)


The project of  helping students at risk started at the Math department  in the new foundation program at Qatar University in the fall 2012 semester.  The purpose was to find ways to help students who were struggling with their math courses Elementary algebra or  Pre-Calculus course due to many factors. Department had formed the Committee “students at Risk”  at the start of 12-13 to  assist struggling students in our math courses to get their studies on track.  A mechanism was developed to  support  students who are at risk using a developed  E-Monitoring system . E-Monitoring system was developed  to manage automatically all transactions relevant to the students’ attendance, Students ‘ warning, Students’ grading etc. E-Monitoring System produce  various statistics such as Overall course statistics, Performance,  Students at Risk… to help department to develop a  higher quality of education in the Foundation Program at Math department. The mechanism was studies and evaluated. Whatever the cause, the sooner we identify students who are not performing well academically, the sooner we can provide, or direct them to the resources that are available to them.   In this paper, we outline the mechanism and its effect on students’ performance. The collected data from various exams shows that students  had benefited  from the mechanism.

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