New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 12

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The Art of Human Communication in Science and Technical Education

Saroj Thakur, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh India (India)



The right choice of words not only goes a long way in developing a right kind of attitude but is also helpful in developing the much needed social intelligence that plays a vital role in developing better social relations. The learning of language is one of our most basic capacities and skills, and it is largely through language that we learn how to organize our experiences, how to perceive what is going on around us, how to label external events and internal feelings, in short how to think. It is through language that we learn values, what we should aspire or not aspire for, how to interpret our experiences and give it meaning, how to relate to other human beings and precisely how to manage feelings. We, in India, still face many challenges in guaranteeing the quality of engineering education, especially in nonelite institutions at the undergraduate level and at the graduate level in general. One of the challenges is lacking skills to communicate in social and professional life. This critical issue is  because Indian society has relegated the study of Humanities and Arts backstage. The Engineering and Science graduates may come saddled with Hard skills through college education but they lack soft skills management. I propose to study the importance of learning soft skills for science and technical students.

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