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Copyright Literacy – a Component of Information and Media Literacy

Tania Todorova, State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (Bulgaria)


The topic of information literacy (IL) is a significant research, theoretical and applied area in library and information sciences (LIS). This is in line with the deployment of opportunities for lifelong learning in education sector in response to the public need for citizens with multifaceted competences. The main purpose of this report is to position the meaning of copyright literacy in the broader framework of digital and information literacy.

Based on a review of scientific literature, the meaning of the term “copyright literacy” is clarified and its characteristics are presented to be used in updating the educational content and methodology of teaching in academic programs and programs of continuing education and further training. The proposed characteristics of copyright literacy are presented as an addition to the characteristics of media and information literacy (MIL) set out in the handbook prepared by experts of UNESCO, i.e. Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teachers [1].

The need of development of copyright competence of specialists in library and information and cultural sector is addressed in the context of academic and continuing education on LIS, and it is understood as a set of knowledge and skills for development and implementation of an institutional copyright policy and for acting of users as consultants and/or trainers in copyright literacy.

The proposed summaries and conclusions are based on findings from a multinational survey on copyright literacy of specialists from libraries and other cultural institutions [2]. Current discussions and further developments can be followed on a Multinational Copyright Literacy Survey Subpage:, established in 2016 as a part of the UK Copyright Literacy website.

Keywords: copyright literacy, information literacy, media literacy, library and information science and education, copyright policy;


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