New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

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Collaborative Learning in Between College's Science Course through Information and Communication Technology in Multicultural Environment

Naim Najami, The Arab Academic College for Education - Haifa / The MOFET Institute for Teacher Educators - Tel Aviv (Israel)


Varieties of information and communication technology (ICT) tools that can be combined teaching and learning process allow the teacher enrich his teaching and the pupil to expand his learning. Here we examined the challenges facing teacher educators in managing an online course in its entirety and meets the difficulties: technical, pedagogical and managerial encountered by teacher educators who teaching full distance learning (FDL) courses. The feedbacks gathered from professors who teach science course in eight educational colleges during the academic years 2016-2017, show that the preview training, cooperation between the moderators and ICT tools support; significantly reduce the level of teachers' difficulties in managing FDL courses. In addition, Findings show that the organization of the materials of the course and managing interaction with the learners is not so difficult and challenging for the moderators. However, managing tasks, assessment and providing feedback to the learner's perceived by the moderators as very difficult and challenging issues. As one of the learners said: "I think that each one brings his unique line of thought and ideas from the culture in which he lives, and it is interesting to hear more directions". This feedback sharpens the need to enable students in general and teachers in particular to experience multicultural learning that reduces suspicion among different students. All the respondents agree that preview training in managing FDL courses have a great benefit for management and running FDL courses.

Keywords: collaborative learning, e-learning, pre-service teachers, distance learning courses.

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