New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

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WAPEDUC, Developing a Mobile Learning Platform Leading to School Success

Philippe Steger, WapEduc association (France)


WapEduc is a mobile platform that provides course materials, quizzes and tutoring for students preparing examinations. It is a website accessible with a mobile phone. Teachers and students can also download specific applications to their smartphones to access the materials. The platform also includes health pages, advice columns and interactive questions to allow students to monitor their own learning. In addition to accessing materials, students can build a personal mobile portfolio by uploading records of their progress.The WapEduc project was started in 2005 in Montpellier, France, to provide ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning for his students. WapEduc has since grown to support students throughout France who are studying for their baccalaureate, a series of exams required for secondary-school graduation. A reported 32,000 students used the system in its first three years of operation. WapEduc is supported by the Montpellier Local Education Authority, and access to its lessons is free for both teachers and students. Teachers can use the system to access over 1250 lessons that align with the French curriculum to help students prepare for their exams. Teachers are also able to upload their own resources to the WapEduc site using any internet-connected computer and make those materials available to their students. The WapEduc system also supports SMS/MMS and email to enable communication and collaboration between students and teachers outside of class. You can see the mobile version of this website on and


Mobile-learning, flipped classrooms, mobile coaching, free access, nomadic school, autonomy.


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