New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

Accepted Abstracts

Scientific and Practical Achievements for Lifelong Learning Applied in the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies

Irena Peteva, State University of Library Studies and Information Technology (ULSIT) (Bulgaria)

Ivanka Yankova, State University of Library Studies and Information Technology (ULSIT) (Bulgaria)

Silvia Stancheva, State University of Library Studies and Information Technology (ULSIT) (Bulgaria)


The relevance of the topic under consideration is determined by the need for institutions to respond properly to evolving information needs. A new approach is needed to the problems of qualification, education and training, dictated by the scale of education and training of economic and social changes taking place in Europe. An adequate response is needed to the rapid development of the knowledge-based economy and the demographic tensions caused by the aging population. The main objective is to improve the competitiveness of the labor force and thus the competitiveness of the national economy by increasing the adaptability of people to economic and social changes, promoting equality and participation in all forms of professional and personal development. New technologies allow the creation of a virtual learning environment and new approaches to interactive communication. The Scientific Report examines the new opportunities for the The Faculty of Library Studies and Cultural Heritage in ULSIT, created with the project “Redesign of academic journals in accordance with indicators of impact factor and performance to achieve smart growth in the modern knowledge society” under Contract No 02/2 K DFNI of 12.12.2014 of the Fund "Scientific Research" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria. The authors also examen the creation of a new practical model for achieving the indicators of influence in the scientific fields of Bulgarian academic publications in which Bulgarian authors publish, as well as to support the process of implementation of the indicators for smart growth in the modern knowledge society, by integrating the international and Bulgarian experience with new scientific ideas for the publication of quality scientific journals, yearbooks, collections, monographs, etc., and by developing the ability of young scientists to search, explore and handle competently the information they need, as well as gain knowledge on how to publish high-quality scientific papers, reports, monographs, articles, scientific reports, etc.

Keywords: Bulgarian scientists, impact factor, lifelong learning, redesign;


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