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Geofusion - Mapping of the 21st Century

Norbert Csizmadia, Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary)


The study behind this presentation is based on a thorough investigation regarding the recent global, social and geographical processes. The presentation ’Geofusion’ guides the audience with the help of maps in the global world of the 21st century through the quest for the winning nations, communities, leaders and powers of this age.

The findings of the study include a significant recognition that the scientists who are taken as explorers geostrategists of this century in this case, are expected to present guidelines of our new world full of global social and economic challenges. To do so, new maps are needed which do not miss the wisdom and tools of the old, but complement it with the new structure of knowledge.

Using the lately discovered geographic and economic interrelations, the presentation tries to give a prognosis of the global processes. The methodology contains the survey and analysis of many recent publications worldwide, regarding geostrategic, cultural, geographical, social and economic surveys structured into global networks.

In conclusion the author presents the result of the study which is a collage of the global map of the 21st century as mentioned above. In summary the presentation displays the results of a several year long study giving the audience an image how economic navigation tools can help the investors and travelers to get along in the changing new world


New global networks, hubs of the new world, economic navigation in the 21st century, guide-maps of the future


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