New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 13

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Non Cognitive Intelligences and Workplace Wellbeing of Tunisian University Teachers

Chaima Hosni, Higher institute of accounting and business administration (Tunisia)

Rym Hachana, Higher institute of accounting and business administration (Tunisia)


Teachers’ state of mind plays a major role in the quality of the delivered lessons and their wellbeing affects greatly students’ motivation, performance and academic results. Hence, spiritually and emotionally intelligent educators enjoy better workplace wellbeing states which can be reflected through their work efficiency. Additionally, these non cognitive intelligences provide more empathy, larger insights and better coping abilities. The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of non cognitive intelligences on the workplace wellbeing of Tunisian university teachers. A sample of 115 Tunisian university teachers were interrogates through a questionnaire composed of: the spiritual intelligence scale “SISRI 24” [15], the emotional intelligence scale “WLEIS” [6] and the workplace wellbeing survey “SWELL” [10]. Correlation analysis of the constructs revealed that there exists no significant relationship between spiritual and emotional intelligences (separate or combined) and negative wellbeing. Using linear regression analyses, the results revealed that both spiritual and emotional intelligences have positive and significant influence on positive wellbeing. Combining both intelligences into the “non cognitive intelligences” construct revealed stronger impact on the positive wellbeing.


Non cognitive intelligences, workplace wellbeing, spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence, university teachers, stress. 


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