New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

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Global Immigration, Gender Discrimination, and Role of Education in Western Society: A Sociological Lookup

Irene Strazzeri, Università di Foggia (Italy)

Antonia Toto Giusi, Università di Foggia (Italy)


In the present post-modern era, the concept of power, above all politics, has transformed from power on man to power over the human species. The capitalist restructuring, followed by the crisis of Western societies, had the effect of creating a neo-liberal system. In this new scenario emerge not only a series of conflicts of power and representation, but also new forms of resistance. The macro-phenomenon of the global migration to which we assist includes all three of these reactions in the current political order, which can be analyzed according to many interpretative categories: racial discrimination, gender difference and the role of education in the face of these challenges. The purpose of this contribution is the de-structuring of social phenomena through these interpretative categories in order to identify possible solutions to contemporary pedagogical emergencies.

The engine of the innovative process is creativity, based on every critical intelligence (Costa, 2016). Creativity generally affects the entire training organization, which depends on the valorisation and re-capitalization of subjects' knowledge, skills and life experiences. The category of this kind also has effects on the reading of globalization, in fact, educational discrimination is done both in the countries of origin and in the countries of arrival. The filtering of the crisis that creates new poverty requires a 'multidimensional' care and responsibility of social institutions. The trinomial division of labor, social inequalities and different access to goods and services, including education, must necessarily be balanced by education professionals in the perspective of equal opportunities and vital balance. National and international documents on adult education have already, at least theoretically, adopted education policies for democratization of marginalized cultures, self-realization and preservation of the premises. It is now up to the sciences of education to make these possible targets 'operable'.

Keywords: Intercultural education, new needs, social inequalities, discrimination;


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