New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

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The Impact of Violent Digital Games in Children's Behaviour

Nafroza Afroza, - (India)


Mobile and computer games are so much popular in now-a-days. In the digital world there are many games that are somehow related to violence. Science and technological progress has progressed gradually through time. Without the discoveries of science and technology our world would have been much different than it is today. In terms of twenty first century, it can be said that computers are one of the greatest discoveries of science and technology that has served us the most. Computers and other similar electronic devices (including smart phone) can impact both the social development process and the pattern of individual life. However, it has an impact on children's too. Now children's are so much associated with electronic devices. Earlier, children were supposed to play a lot of outdoor games; they used to travel and they used to read story books during their leisure time, but the scenario is changed now. Presently, children spend the most of their free time in home playing indoor games (more particularly digital game), they do not roam around, and they expend their leisure time on computer, smart phone, iPad, and other such electronic devices, playing digital games and so on. Among those games a large category has been related to violence where the player is supposed to kill others in terms of saving his own life or to use gaming word “to win” the game. For examples angry birds, clash of clans, sons of war, and many more. These kinds of games influence them to be brave in one hand; these games often affect their psychological behaviour through constant injection of violence and aggression. Another way of looking at this matter would be how gradually these kinds of games are becoming popular through easy access. These games are not only limited to computers now, these games can be played from any other electronic devices, like mobile phone, iPad and so on and that surpasses the barrier of limitations. Since children are keen to learn anything eagerly, they are mostly affected.


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Keywords: digital games, children behaviour, children's mind;



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