New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

Accepted Abstracts

Neuroatelier: Learning Neuroscience in the Early Years

Ivana Prlić, Preschool Teacher Training and Business Informatics College of Applied Studies – Sirmium (Serbia)

Katarina Prlić, University of Belgrade (Serbia)


Neuroatelier is an educational programme created for the needs of global neuroscience promotion event Brain Awareness Week 2016 and developed through 2016 in many cultural centres, libraries and kindergartens in Belgrade in Serbia. As pedagogues we created this programme in consultation with students who study neuroscience related concepts in their faculties (biology, molecular biology, medicine, physical chemistry). The programme is based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) approach to education as well as interactive approach in planning activities with children and intended for preschool children age 4 to 6. The activities are structured so children could learn together with other children and students about basic neuroscience concepts through active engagement in different self-chosen semi-structured learning spaces through interaction with artistic materials which invite children to explore, discuss about and co-construct with them. There are five semi-structured spaces offering different provocative materials: I Neuro-colouring book, II Neuro-straws, III Neuro-mold, IV Neuro-tattoo, V Neuro-constellation. Within them participants of the programme developed their theories about neuroscience concepts through artistic engagement and on that basis science relevant discussion. Therefore, this programme was an opportunity for children to learn about neuroscience and for students to experience about how children learn and how the process of creating and developing the programme looks like form the insider’s perspective.

Keywords: neuroscience, preschool children, STEAM, educational programme, science students;


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