New Perspectives in Science Education

Edition 14

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The Use of Doraemon Comic Strips for Teaching Reading Compehension

Badi’uzzaman Sa’id Haqi, Institut Agama Islam Negeri Syekh Nurjati (Indonesia)


Learning English is useful, because English has become an international language, which is used by majority people in the world. In Indonesia English is a foreign language, English is also called as the target language that has to be teach in schools in today’s Indonesian curriculum. Therefore the student is hoped to improve their ability in English. Improving the students ability in English skills the teachers have to think how to make students mastery English for their own purposes. There are so many methodes, techniques, and approach that can be used by the teacher. One method that was used by the teacher to increase the students ability in English teaching is comic. Through comic there are so many benefit for teachers and students in process of learning. The students can be more motivated and excited. Comic provide language practice in various skills of speaking, listening, and reading. This study examines the students master of vocabulary through comic because comic have been shown to have effectiveness and benefits in learning vocabulary in various ways. Therefore, the role of comic in teaching and learning vocabulary cannot be denied. Whenever a comic is to be conducted, the number of students, proficiency level, cultural context, timing, learning topic, and the classroom settings are factors that should be taken into account.


Comicstrips, doraemon, method, reading comprehension


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